About Me

It's taken me a long time to call myself an artist. Not having painted since elementary school, I bought my first $5 watercolor set at the age of 45. I had wanted to make colorful backgrounds for inspirational quotes to post on social media. Immediately I found painting extremely fun and calming. I would spend hours and hours at my coffee table painting different designs. I soon moved into using acrylic paint and found that led me to even more ideas, such as making little products like magnets and small paintings with inspirational words I could sell at arts and crafts shows. I was by no means great, but I loved the process and enjoyed how good it made me feel to create something from nothing/a blank canvas. These days, I feel I'm really finding my style (as you can see in the majority of my work listed). I don't necessarily like drawing as it's not as calming to me, but with my "painterly" style I find it creatively freeing to not have to stick to as many art "rules", especially as I am not a trained artist. I do feel proud of how I am progressing and feel that nearly a decade later from that first cheap watercolor set, I can finally call myself an artist!

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